All Natural Cleaning: Citrus Vinegar

In my efforts to move to a chemical-free cleaning regimen, I decided I would first try to make my own cleaner. We had just gotten a couple boxes of oranges from Florida, and there’s only so much room in the kitchen compost bin, so I was looking for ways to use the excess orange peels. What a perfect experiment!


So, I got a mason jar-

Mason Jar


Ate some oranges and lemons, and filled the mason jar with the rinds-

Orange with majson jarMason jar with citrus1


Filled the jar with the rinds, then covered it with white vinegar-

Vinegar and orange peels




Let it sit for about 2 weeks in an airtight container, and then strained the peels over a large measuring cup-

Photo Feb 09, 2 00 18 PM

Photo Feb 09, 2 01 33 PM


It is a concentrated cleaner, so I poured it into a spray bottle with a 1:2 ratio of water. If you want it a little stronger, you could do a 1:1 ratio. The vinegar scent is pretty pungent, so I wanted to dilute it a bit more.


Photo Feb 09, 2 03 49 PM

Of course I tried it immediately… I wiped down my kitchen counters and the side of the fridge (that had a few spatters on it) and it cleaned everything up nicely! Plus, the citrus scent does actually smell pretty good and the vinegar smell goes away very quickly.

In a nutshell, this cleaner is

1. Chemical free

2. Green

3. Sustainably created

4. Cheap

5. Safe

6. Effective

What more could you want?

If you want chemical-free cleaners like this used in your home, request a free estimate from us today! Not only do I have ten years of experience cleaning homes, I genuinely care about the health of your home and your family.


With joy,



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