Welcome to Let it Shine

All natural home cleaning services for the Aurora and Tri-Cities area

We share the philosophy of your home being your sanctuary and keeping it clean is allows you to focus on better things to take care of. We feel that our role is as important as a healthcare provider. By safely removing bacteria and debris from your home, it allows for a sanitized space with less germs. A cleaner home means a safer home for everyone who lives in the house. Many studies show great benefits in what we do, and we are proud of it.

We have merged Let it Shine with Maid Green Made Clean. We are proud to say that Let it Shine’s system and procedures are in the same level which we have run our business for the last 10+ years. Clean and Green are the best way to approach cleaning and sanitizing your home or office. You owe it to yourself and family.

At Let it Shine/Maid Green, we believe in performing quality work, using safe products, and making people happy. How do we make people happy? Imagine walking into a clean home after a long day of work, knowing that it was cleaned using nontoxic products that work and smell great!

Our philosophy

Life is busy, and that’s a good thing!

Being busy just means that you fill your life with interesting activities and surround yourself with people to love.

Why not spend your time doing what you love most in the world?

What would you do with a few extra hours?Clean with flowers circle

There are so many things in life that are out of our control, let’s focus on something we can control- how we spend our time.

When you come home from working a long day, do you want to walk in to a dirty house?

Whatever it is that you love about your life, I want you to be doing more of it. And the good news is, you can. By making one simple change in your life and relieving yourself of one important task- cleaning your house.

Let it Shine takes care of your home and transforms it into the healthy and safe sanctuary that you want it to be. We seek to give you more time to do what you love.

1277741_728593460487369_1602536018_o“Let it Shine always does an amazing job.They are always extremely flexible with our schedules, and they do their very best to accommodate us when we need them. They are extremely meticulous and always go above and beyond. I have never walked into my home disappointed after they have been there. I would recommend to anyone!” -Brittany Bailey

There’s no shame in asking for more time


If you’d rather finger-paint with your child than clean your bathrooms, that’s okay. If you’d rather watch a movie with your family than mop the floors, you are not lazy.

The reality is, we only have this life, this one time- here and now- to create a life we love and to fully live it. Yes, we all have to do things we don’t want to do, but why not minimize them as much as we can?

Our vision

Our love for nature and our living environment goes beyond just cleaning.  We believe in a safer planet which have less contaminants in our homes, offices and natural environment. We think we are as important as a healthcare providers with a much lower cost per person and pet than our current health system. We embrace the fact that we are professional cleaners. Our staff is referred to as Cleaning Technicians; After a rigorous training and education of germs, sanitizing, removal of contaminants and actually doing the actions of cleaning, pride ourselves in the fact that we what we preach. Think clean think Maid Green.

That’s why we only use all natural products, and try to use as little product as possible while still giving your home the clean it deserves.

We know we are not the only people in the world who needs reminding that life is precious and that time is our most valuable resource. Let us help remind you too.

Here’s what you can do right now to start gaining more time:

1. Contact us directly with any questions you may have.

2. Fill out this form to set up a free consultation and cost estimate.

May you find the time to do what you love most.

With joy,

Petter & Teresa

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