Below you’ll find a guide to the services that Let it Shine offers. We follow a rigorous ceiling-to-floor checklist for everyday cleaning. We use all natural products, including some that we make ourselves.

Check out the deep cleaning tab to read about our deep cleaning checklist as well.

For the general, every-day cleaning we follow the rigorous ceiling-to-floor checklist below. We use all natural cleaners and a high quality vacuum with an anti-allergen seal.


Sink scrubbed, sanitized and polished to a sparkle
All counter tops wiped and sanitized; all items moved forward and cleaned behind
Exterior of all appliances dusted, sanitized, and polished
Inside of microwave wiped out
Stove top wiped
Stainless steel polished
All other woodwork, frames, and sills wiped clean
Switch plates wiped clean
Tables and chairs dusted and wiped clean
All trash emptied
Floors swept/vacuumed
Floors washed on hands and knees
Moveable rugs lifted and put back





Mirrors wiped streak-free
Countertops wiped and sanitized
Sinks scrubbed and polished
Items moved forward and cleaned behind and underneath
All items on countertops wiped, and sanitized, including soap bottles
All other woodwork, frames, sills dusted and wiped clean
Switch plates wiped clean
Toilets cleaned inside and out, front and back
Shower and bath scrubbed clean
All chrome polished and glass doors streak-free
All trash emptied
Towels folded and hung nicely
Floors swept/vacuumed
Floors washed on hands and knees, including baseboards
Moveable rugs lifted and set back






Mirrors and glass wiped streak-free
All items dusted- top, bottom, and front
Lampshades and furniture dusted
All woodwork dusted and polished
Linens changed on request
General straightening up; folding blankets, straightening pillows, making piles if necessary
Carpets vacuumed with powerful Shark vacuum
Hard floors swept/vacuumed and hand washed
All trash emptied






Living Area, Hallway and Stairs

Mirrors and glass wiped streak-free
All items and furniture dusted and polished
Lampshades dusted
All woodwork dusted
General straightening up; folding blankets, straightening pillows, etc.
TV and electronics safely dusted
Stairs dusted; banister and all wood trim wiped down
All floors swept/vacuumed
Hard floors washed on hands and knees
All trash emptied




Laundry Room


Mirrors and glass wiped streak-free
All counters wiped down
Sink washed out (if applicable)
Outside and tops of appliances wiped down
Cabinets and woodwork dusted
All floors swept/vacuumed
Hard floors washed on hands and knees








For the times when you need a deep clean, we follow the checklist below, in addition to the ceiling-to-floor checklist:



All Rooms


Ceiling fans dusted
Cabinet faces and trim wiped down and detailed

All accessible baseboards dusted and wiped
Reachable light fixtures dusted
Cobwebs removed
All trim and window casings dusted and wiped down

Extras and Add-ons

Blinds detailed
Inside of refrigerator
Inside of oven
Upholstered furniture vacuumed

We will work with you to form a plan that fits your needs. If the general cleaning and/or deep cleaning steps do not meet your needs, we can discuss other options of services, for example:

Upholstered furniture vacuumed
Insides of windows washed
Inside of refrigerator
Inside of oven
Insides of cabinets


1277741_728593460487369_1602536018_o“Let it Shine always does an amazing job. They are always extremely flexible with our schedules, and they do their very best to accommodate us when we need her. They are extremely meticulous and always go above and beyond. I have never walked into my home disappointed after they have been there. I would recommend them to anyone!” -Brittany Bailey



Clean with flowers“What an excellent find! Let it Shine is everything you are looking for — Professional, friendly, down to Earth, and easy to work with. All that AND they do a really great job! Be sure to look into their services when considering bringing someone into your home. They will treat it like their own!” –Paul Ramsaier


Photo Mar 17, 9 51 36 PMHaving Let it Shine clean my house has given me more time to spend with my kids. The time they spent cleaning my home has really shown. My house looks spotless when they’re done! Having two little kids makes it seem impossible to get anything really clean, and when they come it’s a huge help!!! They do an amazing job!!!” –Jolene Gillis


Flowers Tinted2.fw“Let it Shine did an excellent job. They are professional and were on time. I look forward to having them clean again” -Heidi Bougher

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Things to keep in mind

  • We provide all cleaning supplies, including a vacuum. If you would like special products used, We’d be happy to use some of your preferred products.
  • Dishes and laundry are not included
  • Pets are fantastic, but please keep larger dogs in one area or outside while we clean.


Things we DON’T do

  • Clean up pet messes
  • Move large furniture
  • Put away your personal items
  • Clean under large cluttered areas (if there is excess clutter, say on a table, we clean around it)