How to Clean Appliances The Right Way

Did you know that you should periodically put ice cubes in your garbage disposal? It helps to clear buildup, without damaging the blades.

I came across this article called A Guide to Cleaning Your Appliances and decided I should share the knowledge I gained from it. Plus, they put all their tips in a nicely designed info graphic so it’s really easy to read and digest.


What are some places in your home that get really dirty? Perhaps you don’t notice the dirt until you’re picking something up off the floor, or doing your random deep clean…

1. The bottom of the refrigerator

Dirty Fridge

I see this all the time! Filters are super important, so it’s important to keep them clean or your fridge is just going to work harder, and cost you money. Plus, it just looks icky.

2. Stovetop burners

When hired to do a deep clean, I always wipe down or soak stove top burners. If gunk builds up in these, then your burners won’t work correctly, which could be dangerous.

Stove burner cap

3. Inside of the microwave

For some reason, I rarely notice how gunky my microwave gets until I’m really cleaning my kitchen. I’m guessing that’s how it goes for most people because 90% of the time, the inside of the microwave is dirty, greasy, nasty!

Dirty Microwave

It’s not only important for looks, but vents and other parts of the microwave can get clogged up and cause the microwave to deteriorate.

Read the full article for the rest of the appliance-cleaning tips. And, if you don’t have time to keep your appliances clean; hire someone to help you. There’s no shame in asking for more time.


With joy,